Friday, 21 April, 1865

Showery again today. – – Finished Zac’s pants and had two pair of drawers made by Parky. Patsy broke some black wool today. – – Such a madness comes over me sometimes at the prospect ahead. – – The children are very concerned about it, I fear, and do not take it to heart enough to profit by the past. – – My feelings undergo many changes and I can’t help having fears and presentments, though I struggle against them. – – Liv made a hovel for Pigeo today. – – Bill took a lock off the ice house door from the Mill and put on the barn door. Found another lock had been opened and it would be hard to tell what quantity of corn may have been taken out. – – Bill had intended to send shad to Richmond, but on hearing a deserter’s oath would be administered, or be put in Libby Prison, he would not run the risk with Zac. – – Sold Sally Hill 1 lb. butter @ $.25 in silver. – – Bake moved back to her old room on the river side. – – Mrs. Cobb returned Shakespeare, loaned on Tuesday.