Tuesday, 25 April, 1865

A beautiful day. Replanted butterbeans. – – Patsy complaining of pain in her ankle and remained in the house. Bettie’s laying off garden walks. – – Pigeo’s complaining and laid down most of the day. Bill went to the White Oak and returned about ½ past 12 and joined Pigeo and I in a cup of coffee.1White Oak Landing is on the Mattiponi downstream from Woodbury. It is past Horse Landing, Mantua Ferry, and is just before Scotland Landing. – – Mrs. Rhodes came to buy a barrel of corn. I sold it to her. – – Liv floated last night, caught 30 shad. He and Bill caught 63 night before. Commenced planting the quarter cut of corn today. – – Nannie Lewis and Catsby spent the evening. Bake, Pigeo, Nan and Zac walked with them as far as Mrs. Lipscomb’s. Catsby wished to have his fortune told. It was dark when they all returned.