Friday, 28 April, 1865

The weather is dry and windy. Planted sugar cane today and commenced ploughing for blackeyed peas. – – Bill and Zac returned about ten o’clk. Zac got his parole, Bill did not. Made some few purchases, a hat a piece for Liv and Zac, a pair of shoes for Zac, coffee pot, tin ladle, oranges, &c. I was sorry he did not have it in his power to go out to see Mary. Did very well with his shad. Bought my peaches back. – – Dellah whitewashed the dining room passage. I finished off some little jobbing I had to do. Washington has been complaining, consequently Liv has floated none for several days. He and Zac are out tonight. Dellah did some little work in the garden and sowed a row of snaps. – – Sent Martha up for Bake and Nannie agreeably to their request, but they were at Mrs. Spillers and didn’t come. I imagine they will be down in the morning.