Saturday, 29 April, 1865

Cool and windy this morning, but a little threatening for rain. Bake and Nannie returned about eleven. Delona brought their carpet bag. – – Sent Bartlett with a double plough and horses to plough for Sallie Hill. I have been sad today. – – Light and shade are alternate with me. I scarcely know why though. I think of Hardie sometimes, what perhaps may have been his fate, but I entertain no fears for his safety, for I believe the Lord will preserve him. – – I can’t help feeling much solicitude about Mary, as I can’t hear from her. I hope though that all is well with her. – – We had a beautiful rain this morning. Hope it will revive the potato plants. Liv and Zac caught 1 doz. shad last night and today tried the herring seine, only caught 22.