Tuesday, 2 May, 1865

The weather is extremely cool. Frederick prepared the ground for cotton and headed some more for potatoes. Put cotton seed in soak. Bill went to Richmond this morning. Drove one mule. Carried 110 shad, sent 3½ lb. butter and half bush. peaches and 4 doz. eggs. He started about ten. Bake wrote to Mary. – – Uncle Bartlett went up to see Ju about his complaint. I sent a basket for some cabbage plants and had them transplanted by Patsy and Dellah. Bartlett reploughed the squares this morning. – – Martha took up 40 pieces bacon I had deposited. – – I shall miss the dear souls so much when the separation takes place. My attachments for them are very strong. Much more so for some than for others. – – The children, except Pigeo, went fishing. Hal caught a fine perch and enjoyed it very much on account of the name given it by Bake. – – Zac rode Fannie to Dr. Lewis to spend the night.