Friday, 5 May, 1865

Found it raining this morning, it’s fine on the potatoes, cabbage plants, &c. Set oat yesterday evening. Sent to Ju for more plants by Addison. Dellah and Parky transplanted them. – – Patsy’s still complaining. Dellah cooked today. Martha’s spinning. I carded some rolls for her. She spins beautifully. – – Bill’s complaining right much. He consented to take some medicine tonight, calomel and Jalap. Had his feet bathed in warm water with mustard. It goes so hard with him to be sick and he is impudent with all. – – Bake, Pigeo and Zac went to Dr. Lewis’ this evening to an ice cream sociable on horseback. Pigeo met with quite a severe accident. Was thrown by Grant and dragged some distance, owing to the bridle’s coming unbuckled in her hand. Got her clothes very much torn and came near being seriously hurt. They all returned about 3 o’clk. – – Washington brought 6 bags meal from Walkerton Mill this evening. – – Bill sent Duroc, Fannie and Shakespeare to Hill’s by Bartlett this morning to graze for $.25 per month apiece.