Sunday, 7 May, 1865

Quite a pretty day. Sent up for the Dr. this morning by Frank to see Bill. He came and prescribed for him. I furnished the medicine. – – Bake remained with Bill. The rest of us started in company with Ju for Church. Took Stuart along in the carriage as far as Ju’s gate. – – Came by from Church and dined with him and home to supper. – – Liv returned this evening afoot, having lost the horse by the Yankees. It seems that bad luck attends him. I gave instructions to Bartlett to send Washington word to return home and if he behaves himself he shall be kindly treated and may remain till further orders are issued by the Yankees. – – Mr. Eubank returned with Liv, who will float for one-fourth fish in place of Washington.1Unless we learn more about this Mr. Eubank he will remain unidentified. The 1860 US Census lists seven possible Eubanks living nearby.