Monday, 8 May, 1865

A beautiful morning. Had Liv waked up at 12 to start out floating. Caught 186 herrings and a shad. – – Sent the calves to Hill’s again this morning by Addison and Scott, 5 in number. – – Bill is rather better this morning. Commenced giving him quinine. – – Liv and Mr. Eubank came in to breakfast at ten o’clk. – – Bake has been busily engaged reading a novel for several days. She doesn’t often engage in such trash. We were greatly rejoiced at the unexpected return of Hardie in company with Lieutenant Arledge to dinner today.1Lieut. George H. Arledge was born in Georgia in July 1836. His family moved to Key West, Florida where he spent his youth. After attending schools in Massachusetts, he return to Key West, working as a clerk when the war broke out. He joined the Confederate Navy and served with Hardie on the C. S. S. Atlanta. Captured in June 1863, he was eventually exchanged and rejoined the Confederate Navy, evidently serving with Hardie at war’s end. He is looking first rate. I have cause to thank God for his goodness, that through all the perils to which we have been exposed, my children have all returned safely home.