Wednesday, 10 May, 1865

Fine growing weather still. The strawberries are ripening beautifully. They were ripe several days ago. – – Patsy transplanted a nice parcel potato plants before dinner. I drew them up. She then got dinner. Hardie, Liv, Lieut. Arledge and Mr. Eubank went fishing after breakfast and caught a fine parcel fish. Quite a variety, perch, catfish and pike. They enjoyed them very much at dinner. Patsy cooked. Liv and Mr. Eubank caught 263 herrings last night. – – They stayed up till after 12 playing backgammon, or something of the sort. Very much out of place these times I think. Fendall Gregory came this evening to spend the night. – – I think Miss Bake is right much taken with Lieut. Arledge. He is a nice young man.