Sunday, 14 May, 1865

Fine day, but cool. I consented to remain at home in order that Hardie and Lieut. Arledge might attend church. Gave Bartlett permission to go where he pleased today and Hardie drove the carriage after he hitched the horses and drove it round. Sent Bartlett to Hill’s Saturday evening for Shakespeare, George and Fannie. The latter will be sent back on Monday. The other two will be retained at home in place of the two Yankee horses we lost (Grant and Sheridan). – – All returned to dinner from church. Second dish of peas today. Salted 91 herrings caught last night. – – Bill took a walk over the fields today. – – Nan and I had shortcakes for snack. He enjoyed them when he returned. Hardie and the Lieut. rode to the mill. Zac went to the evening meeting at Lanesville. – – Bill and I had some talk with Frederick.