Friday, 19 May, 1865

Quite warm today. Shirley commenced work. Will give him an equivalent at the end of the year, as I intend to do with all the rest. Bill, Hardie and Lieut. Arledge went fishing. Caught a fine rock. Liv caught one yesterday and enjoyed it very much for dinner today. – – Zac went up for Fannie today. Rode his Uncle Hardin’s horse. They will all attend a dancing party at Dr. Lewis’ this evening, i.e., all except Nan and myself. Bill and Mr. Eubank, Hardie, Lieut. Arledge went in the carriage with Bake and Pigeo, Liv and Zac on horseback. – – Bill and Mr. Eubank walked to Larkin’s to receive a sack of salt. Frederick drove the tumbrel round for it. – – Had quite a considerable cloud and rain this evening. Passed off time enough for the children to start to the Dr.’s. Bill and Mr. Eubank returned from Larkin’s to supper. Bought 140 pounds salt at $.05 pr. pound. – – Liv and Eubank caught 63 & 91 herring to be salted up for Eubank. They are very dilatory about salting them though. I would not be surprised if they are all spoilt.