Monday, 22 May, 1865

Found it raining this morning, after several clouds during the night. Sent Bartlett to see whether the swamp was too high to cross. He returned and said it would be possible by the time we could get there. We started about ½ past ten. They kindly gave us some cherries and cabbage plants. Reached home at 12. Met Mr. Norment at the gate. Also Mr. Terry, who I agreed to give three barrels corn for building a boat in 1862.1Probably Mr. Sam Norment of “White Bank” who appears from time to time, and neighbor Mr. N. Terry (probably Nathaniel) mentioned in connection with payment for a boat on 13 July, 1864. – – Liv and Eubank salted upwards of 500 herring for himself. Bake had just had a snack for the gents to go to the Court House, it being court day. – – Mrs. Lipscomb and Boyeht (Beight) were here when we arrived. Made cherry pickles.2I will try to resolved who “Boyeht (Beight)” is on my next visit to the VHS. – – The roads were badly washed. Broke a trace after getting inside the gate. – – Bill sold 4 barrels of corn to a gentleman today, paid for two barrels @ $6 in silver pr. barrel.