Thursday, 25 May, 1865

Pleasant weather. Commenced weaving my dress this evening. Bake and Nan finished putting it in the loom. – – Mrs. McGeorge sent half a sturgeon to put in the ice house. Also sent me a nice piece by Katherine Henry.1 – – Liv salted the last herrings he caught, some 50 or 60. – – Gilbert executed a little business in his line here today.2 – – Bill rode Fannie to Mr. Powell’s today to try and get a tumbrel.

  1. The Henry surname is frequently found in the area surrounding Woodbury. Most recognizable is the Patrick Henry family of Hanover. Patrick’s daughter Elizabeth married Col. Philip Aylett in 1786 and is buried at Fairfield in King William. But there were other Henry families about as well, some white, some black, some mulatto. We met Capt. James H. (?) on 9 March. But the 1860 US Census shows no Katherine in his family. So far this Katherine Henry remains illusive, as does what she sent Caroline.  (back)
  2. Likely Gilbert Bond, the son of J. A. Bond of Bond’s store. He would be about 15.  (back)