Saturday, 27 May, 1865

The weather is still horrible. The sun has not been seen for several days, and the earth saturated in water. I wove but little on my dress today. – – Cut out a pair pants a piece for Bill and Liv. – – Tried to get Dellah to stitch up one pair, but in vain. She would try the patience of Job. Zac rode out and got a nice basket of cherries. – – Mr. Gathright came to trade a colt for a cow and calf.1Gathright is a very common surname in the 1860 and 1870 Hanover County US Censuses. But there are none in King William. Which of the many Gathrights this might be is unknown. He is not mentioned again. Caroline is not clear whether she made the trade. Let’s keep an eye out for a colt at Woodbury.