Monday, 29 May, 1865

Fine growing weather. Liv, the Lieut. and Hardie amused themselves at work in the garden for a short time this morning, while Bill weeded some sweet potatoes. – – Miss Fannie Claiborne, Hal and Claiborne Boykin rode down on horse to spend the morning and invite the children to a picnic at Springfield next Thursday evening.1Hal, as you remember, is Harriet Brumley. Claiborne Boykin is Belle Boykin’s younger brother. See the footnote for 15 July, 1864 for the details. Miss Fannie Claiborne, 26, is making her first appearance. She is the daughter of the late Capt. William Claiborne of Henrico County. Hal and Belle have been living with their grandmother Harriet Hill. Harriet was born Harriet Herbert Claiborne. Miss Fanny is Harriet Hill’s niece. Harriet Hill, about 72, lives at Forkland, which was located just south of Springfield, the old estate of her late husband’s family. It is unclear who was hosting the picnic. The late 1864 / early 1865 Gilmer Map of KW shows Springfield as vacant. The 1865 King William Land tax rolls list John B. Davis of Richmond as new owner of Springfield. Davis, about whom much could be written, would turn Fish Hawl on the Pamunkey into Lester Manor. The prosperous Mr. Davis was a chronic entertainer, and, while he never maintained his residence in the county, this may have been his way of introducing himself to the community. They found Bake and Pigeo both in bed taking an emetic. – – Lieut. Arledge rode Shakespeare and accompanied the girls back and took dinner at Mrs. Hill’s and returned to supper. – – Patsy washed today and Dellah got dinner, when she made up her mind to do so. Zac commenced school today, to Col. McLaughlin. Rode Fannie and left her at Hill’s to graze.