Friday, 2 June, 1865

Quite a pleasant morning. Shirley came to get out feed and I sent Nannie to give it out in the absence of the boys. While she was there, Bill rode up and she returned to the house. The rest arrived about 5 o’clk. Breakfast was nearly ready. Mary and I were walking out to look at the potatoes. Nan is so anxious to go with Mary, I had to consent. – – They all left about ½ past 8. Gave her a dozen shad and a bucket of butter. – – She left ⅓ barrel salt and a quarter cask to salt fish in, if they can be had. – – Horace Hook came to request me to go to Ju’s to see the little baby, very ill.1This is likely Horace Shook, not Hook, Ju’s brother-in-law. I will check the original text soon. UPDATE: This is indeed Horace Shook. Bill and Hardie fixed up the buggy harness and I started as soon as I could with Liv to drive, but found the dear little heart sleeping his last sleep when I arrived.2As with the Register of Births, the KW Registers of Deaths are missing during this period. Caroline’s Journal may be the only historical record of the life of little Louy Littlepage, died 2 June, 1865. The children spent most of the day asleep as they were up all night. Zac couldn’t attend school on account of it. I am sorry he should lose a day. Has only been four days.