Sunday, 4 June, 1865

Another warm day. Hardie and Lieut. Arledge went in the buggy, and Liv and Zac on horseback to Acquinton. The too latter returned to dinner and the others spent the afternoon at Mrs. Hill’s. All returned to supper and Willie Turner with them. I went in the carriage alone to Ju’s. Bake and Bill remained at home. – – An appointment was made for Dr. Thomas to preach next Saturday and Sunday.1 I am so much delighted to hear it.

  1. This is the first appearance of Dr. John Thomas in Caroline’s Journal. He was mentioned in a footnote on 4 June, 1864. Dr. Thomas will write of his visit to King William in the English publication, The Ambassador of the Coming Age, No. 16, Vol. II, October, 1865. He also supplied the reader with a thumbnail version of his message to the faithful there.  (back)