Tuesday, 6 June, 1865

The weather is warm, but pleasant morning and evenings. It has been cloudy all day. The boys went fishing and caught a nice dish of perch. All returned to dinner. – – Zac ploughed today, and Bill, Liv and Hardie weeded two rows of peas a piece before they went fishing, and this evening Liv cultivated the watermelons. I am fond of industry and it is certainly gratifying to me to see the boys at work. – – I wove a little on my dress today. Have very few minutes to stay on the loom at a time. Logan brought Pigeo home from Mr. Winston’s party this morning to breakfast, arrived about 9 o’clk. He left after taking breakfast. Bake and the Lieut. Returned from their morning ride after we had finished breakfast and had just left the dining room when Pigeo and Logan came.