Thursday, 8 June, 1865

Quite warm today. Commenced harvest. Duroc refused to work at the reaper, so Bill had to send for the mules. – – The Lieut., with the boys, were over there all day with Bill and assisted him about wheat. – – Pug Hill worked today.1Pug is such a wonderful nickname I am sorry I cannot provide his given name. Suggestions from our readers are solicited. The boys all came home to dinner and returned again to the field. Bake’s quite sad today from some remark of Hardie’s. – – Commenced treating Scott for dysentery. He has been complaining several days. – – Patsy planted galivance galevance peas today I brought from Hill’s yesterday.2I have been unable so far to find any information about Galevance (galivance?) peas. Caroline’s spelling is very clear with the possible exception of the forth letter. Certainly she start the word with a g. But “calavance” is an old word used to several varieties of edible beans. In this case Caroline may have been planting garbanzo beans or chick-peas. Readers may wish to dig deeper. I am to give them some another year. – – Planted a few beans also, left of planting last week.