Saturday, 10 June, 1865

Fine morning, but cloudy and threatening for rain. Bill had some work done at the house before going to the wheat field. I gave out dinner and prepared for company. Bake and myself, Lieut. and Hardie went in the carriage to church, and Liv and Zac in the buggy. I am much disappointed in not having Dr. Thomas and others to return with us home, some misunderstanding on the part of Mrs. Edwards or myself prevented it. Logan Turner came with us. Had a fine shower on our return. Lieut. and Hardie started in the buggy before we did and got pretty wet. Zac and Logan with us. – – Dr. was very interesting today and promises to be more so tomorrow. We had a very good audience for a week day. He spoke from 2nd Peter, principally. – – Shirley applied for a pass to go elsewhere to work, wants higher wages than $60 pr. year. Cousin Tom furnished a little grog of wine for the church.1

  1. So many cousins. Perhaps later we can figure out this one.  (back)