Monday, 12 June 1865

Quite a pleasant day. Bill went about the wheat this morning, two hired hands. Anxious for him to have had Zac to assist about the reaper, but I was anxious for him to go to church, as it was inconvenient for me to go. He was much pleased with the Dr.’s sermon. I sent a message to Cousin Tom requesting him if they found it necessary to raise something for the Dr., just to hand him the same amount for me that he gave him, and I would return it to him. – – Liv and Hardie went to Richmond this morning in the buggy, drove Duroc. Gave Hardie $20 to lag out.1Caroline does indeed seem to write “lag out.” Check out her handwriting here. Sounds like modern slang. But it is at least 150 years old. Any comments or suggestions as to what Hardie was going to do with that $20? – – I walked up to the quarters this morning to see Scott and carry him medicine. Jim came while I was there, complaining right much. I gave him medicine and he soon went to the field. He is a good servant, well disposed and peaceable. – – The Lieut. went with Bill to the field after dinner. Zac went soon after. – – Sent Ju a basket of potato plants by Martha. She returned in good time to fix the table for dinner. – – The Lieut. returned about six and took Bake and Pigeo to walk.