Wednesday, 14 June, 1865

The weather threatening all the time for rain. Notwithstanding, Bake and the Lieut. rode on horseback to Mrs. Hill’s to spend the day, by promise. – – I got in the loom to weave a little. My cloth gets on slowly. All my time is employed walking after the servants to get them to do any little thing. They gaze about, and waiting and attending to the sick ones. Found it necessary this morning to send for the Dr. to see Scott. Sent Frank for him. He soon came and prescribed for him. I walked with him up the quarters. Bill accompanied us. We took a walk to see the corn and oats. Ju thinks it a fine crop, if the right course is pursued with it. – – Hardie and Liv returned from Richmond about ten or eleven. Made some purchases, a hat and veil for Pigeo $9.50, shoes for Zac and Arledge, cheese, a doz. lemons, 2 gallons whiskey, smoking tobacco, &c. Liv treated himself to some few things. – – Sent Dr. Edwards a fine parcel potato plants by Albert Edwards.1Albert Edwards makes his first appearance. He is the fourth son of Dr. Lemuel Edwards and turned 17 the previous March. Dr. Edwards would have twelve children by two wives over a 43 year time span. Zac and I drew them up. Liv, Hardie and Zac ploughed this evening.