Thursday, 15 June, 1865

The weather continues the same, very wet and cloudy all the time, with rain at intervals. – – Bake and the Lieut. returned this morning while I was in the garden having some weeding done, by myself and Tim. I am very much indisposed withall. Martha is sick and taking medicine and I have more to do than I have strength to perform. I find but little time to take any rest. – – Ju came by on his way home to go with the boys fishing. They caught many small perch. Ju took them home. They all returned from fishing after the rest of us had taken dinner. – – Had lemonade and plum cake for all this evening. Ju left before sunset. – – Promised to prescribe for Bake and Pigeo, who are looking badly. Nan has been quite sick. Was taken with a severe ague going to Richmond. Rose had one at the same time. I felt badly and retired immediately after supper. Left all the children up. Don’t think some of them slept more than an hour or two.