Monday, 19 June, 1865

Fine morning. Hardie was off to Richmond ½ past 3 o’clk. this morning. I sent up and had him waked at 2. – – Bill went about the wheat this morning. Hired 7 hands in addition to our own. Nearly finished the wheat today. Frederick went up to Walkerton for the meal, then went to plough, but ploughed very little before he took Tom and started for Richmond. So, we came to the conclusion upon hearing that, that the whole family would be off very soon. I felt really mortified. We had a terrible cloud this evening and Bill was detained quite late in the field. Ran the reaper as well as to have mowers. Were very late about supper tonight. Parky came in the dining room and had a long talk about Frederick’s course and we came to the conclusion that he had gone crazy. I think he is a good servant and means to do what is right. – – Liv fixed a box in the spring for milk, &c with a top and intends putting a lock on it. Bake and the Lieut. spent the morning at Oak Dale on horseback.1Oak Dale, as you remember, is the home of Dr. Ju. It still stands across from the Courthouse on Highway 30. Bake commenced taking the bitters Ju prescribed for her. I hope she will improve under them. – – I feel so unsettled and disturbed in mind. I am unfitted for any kind of work. – – And do very little except walking about and attending to outdoor affairs and household duties.