Thursday, 29 June, 1865

A fine morning. I awoke ½ past 2, had Bill waked up, who went out and had feeding done. Came in and waked the Lieut., and they were soon off to Richmond. Had a sad parting. Had the children waked up and soon had breakfast over and went about fixing a room for Hardie. He is so anxious to have a small room to sleep in by himself, so I had all my things moved out of the little locked room upstairs and had a lounge and his trunk and other things fixed up in there for him. He is very much pleased with it. Had my bed clothes all put out by Martha, and had Bettie to assist in moving things. I have taken unusual exercise today and tonight am quite sick. Threw up a great deal of bile, have something of plethoramochers, am much weakened by it.1“plethoramorphus” ?? Do I have the spelling right? What does it mean? A little help out there. Click here. Hardie and Zac white-washed more palings today. Gave them a new brush. Zac rode to Mount Hope this evening.