Friday, 30 June, 1865

I am in bed really sick all day. Completely prostrate. The children do different things for me, but nothing seems to relieve me. Bake had some nice tea made for me to drink instead of water. Had a terrible thunder cloud with rain this evening. It comes so nicely on the newly worked ground we are working, the sugar cane Frederick’s ploughing, the potatoes, peas, ac. Patsy laid the vines up for him. – – Martha carded a little mixed wool today. Pigeo’s assisting Bake hem stitching, &c. Dear children! How much I feel bound up in them and feel so much solicitude for their welfare. – – Bake insisted on giving me medicine, but all went off to sleep without giving it. I awoke about one o’clk. and got up and mixed Calomel and Jalap myself and disturbed nobody, except Martha to bring me a plate and knife. Sent a dozen old herrings to Mary King by Martha this evening. – – Had one of my beautiful locusts broken off today during the cloud.