Wednesday, 5 July, 1865

Excessively hot today. Liv started early this morning to Richmond. Employed two boys to drive the two cows over he purchased for Mary. Gave $110 for them, with two calves, and nothing more than ordinary cows, and he hadn’t enough money to pay for them. Gave a due bill for a small amount. I loaned him 4 dollars. – – Bill and Hardie and Zac went to Walkerton Mill fishing for chub. Caught a nice parcel. Returned to supper. – – Mrs. Camm and Larkin Garrett spent the evening here and returned after tea. – – William James Turner came just as supper was ready and remained all night.1William James Turner we have already met as Willie. – – Cut out for Bake today one gown and underskirt, and two chemise, also two flannel underskirts. Martha washed a piece of bleached cotton and Bettie ironed it, after weeding a walk in the garden, and this evening cleaned the front room floor. – – Patsy made two pots of soap today. It only wanted boiling and adding salt.