Thursday, 6 July, 1865

Pleasant morning, had a shower or two. Too unlikely to rain. Had starching done this evening. – – Cut out my soap and gave Patsy a good piece. She is always true and faithful. – – My spirits are much depressed at times and it’s always pleasant to be with her. – – I hope we may never be separated. William James left after breakfast, and Hardie in company with him to call on some young ladies. Left about eleven. Bill rode out to see about getting some hands to commence cutting oats, but did not succeed. – – Gave Parky and Bettie ½ the day. Bake took down parlor curtains and evergreens. Martha put the chamber closet to rights. – – Cut out the body of Pigeo’s dress this evening after repairing Hardie’s blue pants. Bake finished off another worked chemise today. – – I had some beer made. – – Dellah came in to weave on my cloth. Martha cleaned the smoke house up today and had the soap put in there. – – Got Bill to take charge of my books and keep my money matters straight. I am heartily tired of it. – – Zac took Bake out on the river and she would insist on my going with them.