Friday, 7 July, 1865

Excessively warm today. Frank went up for Dr. Ju to see his daddy, who is sick with dysentery. He prescribed for him and left. Gave him a large chub and a dish of field peas. – – Commenced cutting oats today. Jim and Frederick, Patsy and Buck banded. – – Mr. Rock came to dinner.1This Mr. Rock is unknown. Could this be one of the Rock Brothers who visited 16 April, 1865? Rock is a common surname in Hanover and Caroline Counties, but not in King William. – – I made a flannel skirt for Bake. – – She is about another chemise. – – I am inclined to think Pigeo’s dropsical, she is so fat, and I wrote to Ju this evening respecting it, wishing to ascertain whether it would not be well to give her cream tartar. Zac and herself called on Lu Lipscomb and staid till 12 o’clk. – – Cut out ½ doz. towels for Bettie to hem, but she slept instead of hemming them.