Monday, 10 July, 1865

A cloudy, rainy day. Had a basket peas gathered and sent Ju some, and some rutabaga seed by Buck. Received a note from Mary saying Isaiah had left. – – Patsy came in and spun on the mix for the cloth Dellah’s weaving. – – Had my molasses boiled over in the kitchen. – – Parky’s sick with chills. – – Uncle Bartlett is better, been sick some time. Beck milked this morning and evening. – – I am repairing a cloth coat for Zac. Bake finished off another chemise and commenced one of the same kind. She works so beautifully and is so industrious. Emmett Quarles came by to cross the river on his way home.1An Emmett Quarles appears in the 1850 KW US Census as 27 and living with physician William G. Pollard and his family at Edge Hill. His occupation is “Manager.” Captain Pollard would die at Antietam. So in 1865 Quarles would be about 42 and from the text it appears he is living in King & Queen County. No other information about a likely Emmett Quarles has come to hand. Of course, Woodbury is the old Quarles family estate. – – Hardie and Zac went fishing and shooting. Killed a duck and caught a very large perch. – – Bettie and Tom got some walnut leaves for dying black. Had ¾ pound put in dye. – – Pigeo’s taking cream of tarter and iron. I furnish both myself. – – Too wet to do any kind of work out. Corbin took meals here today.