Tuesday, 11 July, 1865

I never knew as wet a season in my life as we have had this summer. It rains every day. Could do nothing with oats yesterday, though Corbin was here with that expectation. – – He and Dandridge are cutting oats today. Jim and Frederick also. – – Dellah wove a little this morning then took Patsy’s place in the oat field when she went about dinner, and Patsy spun mixed wool in the evening. – – I finished repairing Zac’s cloth coat today and did various things in the way of jobbing. Gathered a fine basket of muskmelons for Mary and Pigeo, and I prepared them for brine. – – Bill and Hardie went to Erin for apples. – – Pigeo finished her calico dress today. She thinks her health is improving a little, but I see very little change. Bake’s doing some beautiful work for another chemise. Does it with so much dispatch. – – Zac rode to Col. Carter’s to see about new leather.1On 28 January Caroline wrote, “ Wrote a note by W on a mule to Mrs. Carter suspecting respecting my _?_, received an answer after dark when he returned.” The damaged text looks enough like “leather” so that combined with this entry I believe we can be confident of the word. Col. Carter’s is Pampatike, home of Thomas Henry Carter and his wife, the former Susan Roy. It is not ready yet. They promised to send it to the C. H. on the day of the election, 1st this month.