Wednesday, 12 July, 1865

Weather about the same order, cloudy and rainy. Jim Hill came to spend the day.1Jim, likely a James Hill, seems from her comments to be an old friend and contemporary of Caroline. However there are no James Hills in the King William records who would meet this criteria. There is a James Hill living in Caroline County in 1860 close enough to King William so that his post office is Mangohick. He would be 55 in 1865, Caroline’s age. Any Hill family historians with a suggestion please respond. Reminded me of old times. Bake played a good deal for him. – – I ran the seams of another flannel skirt for Bake. She worked a nice piece on her band. – – Dellah commenced weaving Jeans. Gets along very slowly though. Bettie twisted some fine sewing cotton. – – Finished oats today. Dandridge and Corbin out again today, with Frederick and Jim. Pigeo’s whipping on some edge on a ruffle for Bake. We are assisting her all we can about her work. I took a walk with her to the turn this evening after Jim Hill left. We enter into each other’s feelings and sympathies, and derive comfort from the right source. We seek it in God’s work, where we are taught we shall not seek in vain or for naught.