Wednesday, 19 July, 1865

Bill came in just before day and informed me his Uncle Hill is very ill. Ju sitting up with him. Had the 2nd congestion chill. Request I go up after an early breakfast to see him. I have the highest respect for him. Believe him to be a Christian. He is better this evening, hope he will not have another chill. – – Hardie and Bake went to Oak Spring to assist in decorating the house for their “Picnic”.1Oak Spring, near the Pamunkey south of Chericoke is the home of Dr. William P. Braxton, wife Virginia, and a son and two daughters. They met with a good many young persons there and spent the day pleasantly. I am sorry Bake and Pigeo, as well as Zac, have a desire to go, as it will be a dancing party and I think Christians should not participate in such pleasures, but possess more self-denial and decision of character. I do not approve of it, though under some circumstances I have tolerated it. My heart aches when I see so much indifference manifested to the things of God and eternity.