Thursday, 27 July, 1865

An exceedingly warm day again. I had some fowls broiled and bread baked to take along with us to the church. Carried a ham also. Hardie drove the carriage with Bake, Zac and myself. Pigeo went in the buggy with William Gregory. We reached there about 12, were very much pleased. The Col. exerted himself a great deal on the occasion and conducted everything admirably and all passed off pleasantly. The boys and young men acquitted themselves well. Zac performed better than I was afraid he would, having chills this morning. Had eaten nothing at all and looked feeble and debilitated. – – Bill is at home alone attending to the wheat. I was anxious for him to have gone, but he preferred duty to pleasure, and remained at home. Bake and Hardie went in the carriage with Bettie Rosser and Sallie Winston to the Piping Tree, through their earnest persuasion to spend the night.1We met Mrs. Betty [Winston] Rosser at Piping Tree on 6 February of this year. Today we are introduced to her younger sister, Sarah (Sallie) Madison Winston, 17. – – Pigeo spent the evening at Dr. Lewis’ and returned in company with William Gregory to supper. – – I was detained in the front porch right long looking for the key of the door. Buck dropped fanning from the barn. Had to make Tom get in at the dining room window and open the other door.