Saturday, 19 August, 1865

Quite a pretty day. We attended church, Bake, Zac and myself. The rest remained at home. – – Mr. Anderson was there and preached an excellent sermon.1This is certainly Albert Anderson (1803-1884), one of the first “Campbellites” to defect to the side of Dr. John Thomas, thus becoming one of the first who will be called Christadelphians. Although he resided in Lunenburg County, Virginia, Rev. Anderson was a frequent visitor and speaker in King William. Called at Ju’s and took dinner. Bake called to see Miss Hillyard, who is sick at the tavern.2Best evidence suggests this is Ellen Hillyard, about 11, daughter of R.A. Hillyard. Although R.A. Hillyard is always listed as a farmer in the US Census, the level of commerce he seems to generate with Woodbury suggests he is operating a store, perhaps at the C.H.