Sunday, 27 August, 1865

Zac and myself attended Zion. Zac drove yesterday and today. Had company to dinner. Bake remained at home. Stopped at Ju’s. Sat a while for Mag. – – Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, Cousin Lem and wife, James Fendall (Edwards) and wife and sister, Emma Robins and Bill Todd, Hill and Rose came with us to dinner.1James Fendall (Jimmy) Edwards is the brother of Dr. Lemuel Edwards. His wife, Ann Elizabeth (Nannie) [Malone] Edwards is the daughter of James Malone in whose Richmond home Dr. John Thomas lived for a number of years. Bill Todd is William Todd Robins, son of John A. Robins. Emma [Edwards] Robins is Bill Todd’s mother. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, Cousin Lem and wife remained all night. – – I am so sorry I neglected to invite Hardin and Cornelia, Fes, William and Roger Gregory.2“Fes” is Robert Festus King, about 32, late 2nd Lieutenant of the Confederate Army and POW. He is the son of James (Hill) King. His mother is Rosina [Ellett] King, Caroline’s sister. Roger is “Judge” Roger Gregory of Elsing Green; William is his brother.