Monday, 28 August, 1865

Cousin Lem and his wife left about ten o’clk. Bill and Zac went to court. Liv dined at Ju’s. The two former returned to supper. – – Liv came about 12 at night. Nan rode to Ju’s to see Ann and her Uncle Billy, but they left before she got there.1Uncle Billy’s (William M. Ellett) wife is listed in US Census records as Ann B. (1850), Julia (1860), and Julia A. (1870). She must have been known in the family as Ann. She was likely Julia Ann Johnson, a daughter of Ammon Johnson and his wife Ann Burnley Littlepage. Ann Burnley Littlepage was the sister of Lewis Littlepage, Caroline’s late husband. Our good friends are very kind in instructing and answering questions on the scriptures. Take the greatest pains in doing so. Sent Ju a quarter of lamb this morning.