Sunday, 10 September, 1865

The weather is exceedingly warm. Bake and Nan and myself went in the carriage to Ju’s, where she and I remained till Zac and Nan returned from church. Nan had a chill while there. Bake went with Mary King home to dinner to stay several days with her. The rest of us returned to dinner. – – Frederick left last night with Tom, in consequence of Hardie’s chastising him for some little tricks he has been guilty of. It was very wrong in him to have done so with any severity, which I was not aware of till some time afterwards. – – When I reproved him sharply for it, should not have expected such a thing from him, never to have known him to correct one. – – Bake gave Nan calomel and Jalap tonight. I went off to sleep, felt so weak.