Tuesday, 12 September, 1865

The weather very warm. The Yankees lodged in Bill’s room last night and left after breakfast. I entreated them not to take Hardie to Williamsburg and he told the sergeant that he thought a letter of explanation from him to the off. in command at Headquarters would be all that was necessary, and after consulting with his corporal, he came to the same conclusion. I sent to Ju’s and borrowed a bottle of whiskey for them, and put up a snack. It seems to me that what is to be will be, in spite of all endeavors to the contrary. I would not have had such a thing to happen for $500, so little expected and so little called for. – – Nan had another chill today, after taking enough quinine to prevent it, as I thought. Hardin went for Bake. They returned to supper. – – Frederick took Bettie and Buck with him. Parky washed today. Zac killed two duck this morning.