Thursday, 14 September, 1865

We are having very warm weather for Sept. Hardie rode with Jim to haul rails for a pen for some pigs and five hogs. – – Martha commenced picking galavance peas. I doubled some fine knitting cotton. – – Nan had another chill. Only gave her a little quinine, thinking she would not have another. – – I ran up an alpaca skirt for Bake. We sat in the parlor. she has finished off four pair drawers and a chemise this week. Made a pair tonight, though I am opposed to her sewing at night, she sews so steadily all day. – – I retired at 9 and she at 1 o’clk., or after. I went upstairs about that time and slept very little, if any, afterwards. I generally sleep very soundly the early part of the night. – – Hardie rode to Ju’s this afternoon.