Friday, 15 September, 1865

Very warm again today. Bill delays his time, or rather the time he appointed, to return. – – I faced the skirt I ran up yesterday for Bake (the alpaca). Nannie has been better all day and reading “Maj. Jones Travels” till about 4, when she had a rise of fever which lasted through the night.1Major Jones’s Sketches of Travel (1848) by William Tappan Thompson (1812-1882), newspaper publisher and humorist. Thompson was born in Ohio in 1812 but moved to Georgia as a young man quickly embracing white southern ideals. His best known fictional character, Georgian Major Joseph Jones, was very popular among the southern upper middle class. His writings contained “local color” and vernacular elements later associated with the works of Joel Chandler Harris and Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain). For a detailed, but perhaps dated, analysis, see “The Background and Significance Of Major Jones’s Courtship,” Henry Prentice Miller, The Georgia Historical Quarterly, Vol. 30, No. 4 (December, 1946), pp 267-296.Thompson recently has received attention because of his role in designing the second national flag of the Confederacy, the “Stainless Banner.” – – Did over some damson preserves this evening.