Sunday, 17 September, 1865

The day very good. Zac and I attended church in the buggy and returned to dinner. Bake had the neuralgia too bad to go, and Nan was too feeble. – – Cousin Sam read a pamphlet instead of preaching, published by the Editor of the Gospel Banner, sent on to him some short time since.1Cousin Sam, who is obviously a member of the congregation at Zion, has not been identified. As no “Sam” appears in the known cousins of Lewis Littlepage, Sam must be related to Caroline. However, we have little information about the Ellett line. Is there an Ellett family member who would like to help? 2This is likely the monthly religious magazine, the Gospel Banner, published from 1855 to 1869 by Benjamin Wilson, a colleague of Dr. John Thomas, founder of the Christadelphians. Wilson would co-found the Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith, which was closely linked to the Christadelphians. – – Hardin insisted on our going with him home to dinner. – – Bill returned from Baltimore just as we finished supper. came from Mary’s. Rode William Gregory’s horse down.