Sunday, 1 October, 1865

All concluded it would be best for us to go over to Mary’s today, so Hardie and I made ready and started between nine and ten o’clk. to see Pigeo and bring her down as soon as she can stand the ride. Liv, with Jacob in the tumbrel, started just before we did. sent Mary about 3 bushels potatoes. We reached Mr. Hanes about nine o’clk., found Pigeo a little better. After taking a cup or two of coffee, which Aunt Harriet made, in a little while we retired.1As Harriet seems to be living in the Garland Haines household she is likely either an unidentified relative of the Haines or a elder ex-slave of the family who is now in their employ. Liv arrived soon after we did. I slept with Pigeo, who was very anxious to see me.