Thursday, 5 October, 1865

Quite a pretty morning. We got ready as soon as possible, and with Pigeo, started home. She stood the ride as well or better than I expected she would do. We stopped to feed and take lunch this side of the old Church.1The location of the “established” churches in present-day New Kent County prior to the completion of St. Peter’s in 1703 is not definitively established. While Dr. Malcolm Harris places the county’s original upper “Old Church” on the site of St. Peter’s, others place it west of that location, near where the modern Tunstall, Hopewell and Old Church roads converge. This is still well east of where Hanover County’s modern unincorporated community of Old Church is located. Wherever the location of “the old Church,” it is likely Caroline and her family traveled home along what is now Old Church Road and crossed into King William at Piping Tree Ferry. Although we had a shower this side the Piping Tree and very cold and windy, she took not the slightest cold. – – We reached Ju’s about ½ an hour by the sun, where I left her to remain with Mag, according to arrangement before I brought her down. After reaching home, I sent Addison and Buck up to carry her a partridge and a bottle of her medicine that was left in the carriage. Bake and Nan were anxiously expecting us. Found all very well. Bake had cleaning up done by Martha.