Sunday, 8 October, 1865

Still dry. Bake and I, with Zac to drive, started to Zion at eleven o’clk. The former got out and went to Ju’s to see Pigeo. Bill was there when we passed, Hardie and Han remained at home. We returned to Ju’s and spent the rest of the day. All enjoyed a fine beef dinner very much. I spoke to Ju to prepare some medicine for Nan, who is not well, looks badly. Also consulted him with regard to Zac, whether it would not be best to put him to trade instead of sending him to school and preparing him for other business. He advised me to do what Zac was most inclined to, as he had arrived to an age to choose for himself. – – Bill drove the carriage home after Frederick hitched and Zac went to Colosse to meeting. – – Nan and Hardie had spent the day alone. White frost last night and we are digging potatoes today. Put away a mound in chaff this evening.