Thursday, 12 October, 1865

All were wondering last night who would be the one to wake at two o’clk. and I waked in two or three minutes of the time. Went up and awoke the boys. They had run the buggy out in the river.1Running the carriage into the river prior to taking it to Richmond is probably to make the wood swell enough to tighten the joints. I had some nice coffee made for them before they started and gave Bake a good dose of quinine. – – Had a dense fog to go through, something we have not had for weeks. Bill attended the election. – – Settled Hill’s account of $18 for horses and calves grazing. – – Carried the money to take in Enos’ note, but it was not presented.2The 1860 US Census shows the W. B. Enos family living in King William. He is a merchant and likely the holder in the Littlepage note. Ten years earlier William B. Enos is listed in Gloucester living with Thomas B. Taliaferro, also a merchant. In 1870 and 1880 he and his family are living in Richmond. One source states he was born in France. – – Had a fine lamb killed this morning. – – I am feeling much better today. Made green tomato catsup yesterday, and I believe it almost cured me. – – Borrowed 20 lbs. flour of Mag this morning. – – Sold 2 ½ lbs. wool to a free woman @ $.50 pr. lb. – – Repaired an undershirt for Hardie. – – The hands are pulling the fodder off the sugar cane.