Friday, 13 October, 1865

Bake has a fine day in town, cloudy and cool. – – Bill had some cane ground and made 2 boilers of molasses, very good, and left enough juice for 2 more in the morning. Hardie assisted. Pigeo and Nan walked out there in the evening and I stopped to see how they were getting on and to make them come in. They are both in such delicate health. – – Thomas Anthony, a free boy, came this evening to get a home, having nowhere to go. I told him I would take him till Xmas, and give him $4 at that time if he suited me.1Thomas Anthony many be a given name, although Caroline will refer to him as Thomas during his stay at Woodberry. In any case, Anthony is not a common King William surname and he does not appear on any KW Personal Property Tax rolls for the next few years. – – Had a little sprinkle of rain this evening and threatens to be a rainy day tomorrow. I regret very much not sowing wheat this week. Should have done so, but for Ju’s advice to the contrary. Martha got dinner today. – – Sent Mrs. Hill a quarter of lamb by Tom on Shakespeare this morning. – – I am keeping him in the yard and trying to get him in good order.