Friday, 20 October, 1865

A lovely day. Susan and Elizabeth came this morning to make some cake for Bake’s wedding. I only intend having a small company. My health, Nannie and Pigeo’s being sick, and the situation of affairs forbid anything else. – – Bill had an elegant beef killed this morning. – – Seeded in all about 65 bushels wheat. – – For fear I may forget how those girls make cake, I will write the recipe here. I am so much pleased with the way they make it. One pound of sugar and 12 oz. butter beaten together in a tray. Then add 9 eggs beaten together in a bowl and then 18 oz. flour, all beaten together. Then a cup of buttermilk and a teaspoonful of soda. They left after looking at some of Bake’s things. – – Sent Mrs. Cobb some little things by them. She is sick and destitute of the necessaries of life. Gave them a piece of beef.1This could have been one of two Mrs. Cobb’s. Mary Cobb was loaned a horse for plowing on 13 April. There was also Martha Cobb, widow of James Cobb and mother of James, Jr., likely the “Little Cobb” who ploughed for her at Woodbury on 17 June, 1864. Both seem to live nearby. – – Sent for Ju to take out Bake’s tooth. She suffers so much with it. It is a great relief to her. She took a nap after it and then could go about the house some. – – I am feeling badly today. Didn’t go to dinner. Nannie missed her chill. – – Pigeo’s improving. – – Bake received a letter from Cousin Lem today on a particular subject.