Monday, 23 October, 1865

The weather fine still. – – Sent Zac for Mrs. Brumley and borrowed some things.1This Hal Brumley’s mother, Mary Burnet [Hill] Brumley. See 15 July, 1864 for details. They soon arrived and we went about the jelly immediately, and made two kettles of beautiful jelly. She went down to take a snack, but took dinner in the chamber, supper also. – – Bill bought 2 gallons fine oysters today. Sent up some raw ones to Bake and her Lieut. They enjoyed them very much. Liv arrived tonight about eleven o’clk. A letter from Mary, and one from Cora, & Miller Christian.2It is likely the first letter is from Mary Hanes, Caroline’s eldest daughter, and second from her neighbor Cora Power who we met 4 October. I have been unable to positively identify Miller Christian. The family name Christian is more common in Hanover, Caroline, and New Kent counties than in King William. There is a chance the writer is Marion, Ohio resident Dr. John Miller Christian (1821-1882) who was born in New Kent County and seems to have had attended Rumford Academy just up the road from Woodbury. I went down to give Liv some supper, but he was right much indisposed and could not eat. – – Sent Frederick with a bag of potatoes to Mrs. Tebbs to exchange for apples. He took them on George to hitch to Ju’s tumbrel at the C. H., and to go to several other places, Mrs. Hill’s and Hardin’s, and to call at the store for a carboy of whiskey. – – Killed and butchered a fine mutton before he went and a pig after he returned. – – Pigeo put up curtains in both chambers today. – – Nan finished off her new dress and made it fit beautifully. Mrs. Brumley set on hooks and eyes, and sewed the sleeves for her. – – Patsy cooked the saddle of mutton after dinner.