Tuesday, 24 October, 1865

A very pretty morning. Bake is in quite a glee today. Seems as happy as a lark. Mrs. Brumley did some little finishing touches to her room and after dinner assisted me about fixing the table. Mag came about ten o’clk. Brought a pitcher of jelly. – – Mr. Carraway arrived early after dinner. The rest of the company met before seven o’clk. They were married at eight, a very beautiful and imposing ceremony. A pretty sized company. All enjoyed themselves. Most of them remained all night. Mrs. Brumley and I slept in the front chamber. Mag, Stuart and Nannie slept in the back chamber. Susan and Elizabeth took a chair a piece and would not retire, it was so near day. I believe they danced till about 3 or 4 o’clk. The bride retired about 2. I went to her room and sent for her. Alice, Hal and myself were the only ones with her. – – (Bill finished sowing wheat today, ninety-three bushels.) After altering herself for her chamber and performing her regular duties, which I have never known her fail to do, she hid herself in bed. A more pure and spotless bride never blessed a husband, who is every way deserving of such a one. I am proud to call him son, yet I would not boast for human nature is so frail. – – I then showed Alice and Hal their room and came on down, and told Susan to 1The sentence just ends. There is a blank space with room for another two or three lines after the last sentence and before the next entry.